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Dr. Angelo Mariotti
Professor and Chair

DDS, West Virginia University
PhD, West Virginia University
Certificate (Periodontics), Virginia Commonwealth University
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

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Saturday, October 25, 2014
7:30am - 12:15pm

JW Marriott - Atlanta, GA
3300 Lenox Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

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Featured Speaker:

Angelo Mariotti, DDS, PhD
"Three Things Every Periodontist Should Know about Periodontal Therapeutics and Medicine"

Course Description:
What do bisphosphonates, women, failing implants, treatment decisions, men, low-birth weight babies, and ObamaCare have in common? At first glance, there does not seem to be a shared commonality; however, these people, devices, decisions and policies involve pressing issues that will affect periodontists in 2014 and beyond. It is not surprising that periodontology, more than other dental specialties, has relied on various therapeutic interventions to treat oral diseases and abnormalities.

Further, while periodontists have dealt with systemic diseases, destructive periodontal diseases, and replacement of teeth using mechanical devices, forces of health care reform have begun to influence how we treat patients in gender-related ways. Most recently, a plethora of reports have claimed differences in the dental management of men and women as well as the way that implants are prescribed and managed. In addition, how periodontists make decisions regarding what they are willing to prescribe for their patients has come under scrutiny by third party carriers as well as government agencies.

So with the bewildering number of clinical issues facing periodontists today what can be considered reliable information? It should be noted that the periodontist is bombarded daily with bits and pieces of information covering an expansive realm of knowledge. Considering that information to clinicians doubles every 18 months, it is difficult, if not impossible, for any periodontist to consistently ascertain the accuracy of these data. Therefore, it is not unexpected that a wide variety of print, audio, visual, and digital information, regardless of the accuracy, creates difficulty in understanding issues and obstacles in making decisions because of the presence of so much information.

In this seminar, we will explore clinical issues that challenge periodontists, examine the strengths and weaknesses of the topics and place each conundrum associated with the issue into perspective.

Educational Objectives:
Upon the completion of this course, participants should be able to understand:

  • Gender related periodontal diseases and the dental management of men vs. women
  • What can be done to prevent the onset of peri-implantitis and options for treatment once peri-implantitis has developed
  • The influence of age, gender and location on the development of treatment plans and the types of treatments prescribed
  • The impact of health care reform on dentistry and periodontics

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Colin Richman, DMD
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology
Fellow, American College of Dentists
Honorable Fellow, Georgia Dental Association
Member, Pierre Fouchard Academy
Fellow, ITI (International Team of Implantology)
Fellow, International College of Dentists

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Saturday, February 21, 2015
7:30am - 12:15pm

Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
75 14th St NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

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Presented by:

Colin Richman, DMD
"Esthetic and Functional Risk Management Through Pre Orthodontic Periodontal Augmentation (POPA):
12 Years of Clinical Success"

Course Description:
POPA is an innovative dental technology, combining regenerative periodontal therapy with orthodontic treatment. This enables the dentist to minimize potential iatrogenic risk factors associated with orthodontic therapy (see below). Favorably positioned teeth, plus an enhanced muco-gingival complex, facilitates ideal and predictable esthetics and function. Similar previously defined procedures include, PAOO, SFOT, Piezzocision/Wilckodontics.

    Major positive facets of POPA (PAOO) include:

  • Treatment of existing recession and periodontitis lesions, as well as enhancement of thin biotypes.
    This minimizes the risk of iatrogenic gingival recession associated with orthodontic treatment.
  • Greater post treatment orthodontic stability
  • Less apical resorption
  • Predictable and definitive periodontal and muco-gingival treatment
  • Accelerated orthodontic treatment, usually completed in 6-9 months
  • More stable and ideal tooth alignment
  • Less need for orthognathic treatment or extractions

Educational Objectives:
Upon the completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize recession/impactions/GBR/sleep disorders
  • Identify background and concepts of POPA
  • Identify limitations and complications of orthodontic treatment
  • Understand minimizing risk: gingival recession, root resorption, extended orthodontic treatment time

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